Saved us thousands of dollars

Posted on April 27, 2015

Colleen is a top-notch private college counselor who gave both of my daughters invaluable help with the overwhelming process of applying to college. My daughters would not currently be attending Duke and William & Mary without Colleen whose process helped them target the right schools and get their applications done. I originally hired her to help my oldest daughter brainstorm how to write her Common App essay as well as all of the shorter essays for specific schools. Colleen provided help in many other ways which I didn’t even realize my daughter needed. It was apparent in our first meeting that Colleen immediately knew which colleges would be a good fit for my daughter after looking over her grades, test scores, and activities. Colleen is the only college counselor who gave us the honest advice we needed about where my daughter would most likely gain acceptance.

This alone saved us thousands of dollars in visits to colleges and countless wasted hours on applications to schools which were not a good target for her. Colleen particularly helped my daughter think about how to integrate her interests and experiences into a Common App essay that flowed but most importantly gave my daughter the confidence to start writing it!

Colleen was absolutely correct about which colleges ultimately accepted both of my daughters. The school counselors did not give us any specific guidance, other than telling us, “She should apply to a range of colleges and will have several good choices.” One of my oldest daughter’s English teachers read her first attempt at her Common App essay and wrote two words: “Good job.” In comparison, Colleen had lots of specific feedback for my daughter and helped her through several revisions of all of her essays.

Most importantly, Colleen educated us about the need to apply Early Decision to my oldest daughter’s top choice as well as form a relationship with the reader through visits and e-mails. I have referred several families to Colleen who have all been delighted with her services.  A family friend who is now attending Notre Dame told me that she had no idea how to start her essays until her first meeting with Colleen. There is just no substitute for professional college guidance services. I cannot emphasize enough how Colleen was correct in both her advice and predictions about specific colleges and helped our entire family reduce the stress of the college admissions process.”

Virginia Mom