Interest and commitment to the process

Posted on April 27, 2015

We decided to hire Colleen when we realized that the college counseling department at our son’s school did not seem to take the college search as seriously as we would have liked. We were also worried about the attention to detail and the lack of individualized attention given to our son. In our opinion, it was as if his college list was being lumped together with other students who may have shared a similar GPA instead of taking into account his personal accomplishments and interests. The first time Colleen met with our son he immediately felt as if she had more interest and commitment to him and this process than he had experienced with his school’s college counseling department that had known him for years.

Our desired outcome in the college process was to get our son into the college that was best for him. This did not mean what was best for classmates with similar profiles. He had worked very hard for as long as we could remember and we wanted him to get into the school of his choice. Having said that, Colleen helped all of us to be realistic and managed this without being negative or demeaning. She utilized “ALL” of our son’s resume and not just the GPA and test scores. She really took the time to get to know him and all the positives that could enhance his college application. After visiting numerous schools that Colleen suggested, our son eventually decided to apply Early Decision to Wake Forest University. Colleen was instrumental in this decision, she was honest and extremely knowledgeable during this process, something we realized our son’s school’s college counseling department was not. She knew inside and out what Wake was going to expect from the essay questions to the personal interview. She coached our son on how to prepare for the interview at Wake, everything from questions they may ask, the books he should read to what to wear. Colleen had everything he would need for a complete and thorough application. Everything was turned in on time and more importantly accurate. She even prepared an athletic resume to attach.

I have recommended Colleen’s service to numerous families and what I can’t seem to convey enough is the expertise and personal attention Colleen added to our college application process. I always say that if we are lucky enough we will be able to use her for our younger two when they go through this process. She has been a resource that I can’t even put a price tag on. My son and his friends who were blessed with her help still talk about how they can’t imagine what they would have done without her. She not only helped them with picking schools but with all of the numerous essays, athletic resumes and preparing them for the interview process. What many parents don’t realize is that during that time in their child’s life they are unbelievably stressed. Many of them are receiving tutoring and outside help for the SAT/ACT, they are taking rigorous academics and tying to obtain the highest GPA possible for the colleges to see and they are under tremendous pressure to obtain the highest score possible on the SAT/ACT. Having the extra help Colleen provided for our son was something I will always remember as being one of the best decisions we could have ever made.

Our son was accepted early decision to Wake Forest University in September of his senior year. This was his first choice and he was incredibly happy. Currently he is a freshman and enjoying every minute of his experience. I look back at that stressful time during “the college search” and can’t ever put a price on the invaluable service Colleen provided our family.