Insight in how to make an applicant stand out

Posted on May 5, 2015

We didn’t find much in the way of college assistance at my son’s high school (large, public) and since my son is aiming at several extremely selective colleges, we felt overwhelmed by the college admissions preparation and application processes. I found Colleen and her firm in a DC area parents discussion forum, where several parents mentioned Colleen and her professional services and insights into the college admissions process.

My son started working with Colleen in his junior year. Colleen took the time to understand my son’s background and his goals, and gave him the support and guidance he needed during the application process. What we like Colleen the most is her extensive knowledge and insight in how to make an applicant stand out. My son wrote 7 different versions of the Common Application essays but Colleen said no to each one of them because “I can’t see you in these essays.” Finally my son wrote on a topic that was not his top choice. When Colleen saw that essay, she said “This is it. Now I see the reason behind the course selections, extracurricular activities, and community services that you put in other parts of the application.”

With Colleen’s help, my son was accepted by 8 out of the 9 schools that he applied to. I would highly recommend the services of Colleen. In fact, my second child will be applying in 2 years and I have already reserved a spot in Colleen’s calendar.  

Maryland Mom