We believe that no two students are the same! As such, all packages are individually personalized to meet the student’s specific needs. Some require more help with their applications and essays, while others need more help with college selection. We will work with each family to tailor an effective, individualized plan to achieve maximum effectiveness in the application process, based on the number of hours contracted!

Ongoing Work

Comprehensive Plan: 
This package provides families with up to fifty-five hours of in person or virtual assistance with the college admissions process.This option is best for students who require more guidance than usual. Past clients who have chosen this plan have included homeschooled students, international students, students with learning disabilities, and students whose parents prefer to hand the process in its entirety to someone else. 
Fee: $14,000

Standard Plus Plan: 
This package provides families with up to thirty-five hours of in person or virtual assistance with the college admissions process. This is our most frequently contracted package, and is best for those who prefer to start meeting earlier in their high school career and therefore require more contracted hours overall, or those who simply want to outsource more of the smaller details in the admissions process. Past clients who have requested this plan have included recruited athletes, students who required a bit of extra oversight and motivation, and students who wanted to apply to a larger than average number of schools (10+).
Fee: $9,500

Standard Plan: 
This package provides families with up to twenty-five hours of in person or virtual assistance with the college admissions process. This option is best for students who plan to apply to an average of 6-10 schools, and need guidance along the way with most components of the application, yet are willing and able to complete tasks independently, as well, with sufficient direction.
Fee: $7,500

Second Set of Eyes Plan: 
This package provides families with up to ten hours of in person or virtual assistance. This option is best for self-motivated students who are committed to doing most of the work independently, but seek expert review to make sure that all application materials are perfectly edited and polished.
Fee: $3,500

One Time Sessions 

Strategy and Planning Session (Grades 11-12): 
This offering is suited for students and families who plan to navigate the college admissions process on their own or with the assistance of their school counselor, yet would benefit from some extra oversight and guidance. Students and parents will submit records in advance for review, and the 60-120 minute session will entail a comprehensive strategic analysis and formulation of an appropriate action plan. Families are encouraged to bring a list of 
questions to ensure maximum productivity. Typical discussion topics include the formulation of an appropriate college list, testing timelines, and early application deadline strategies.
Fee: $750

Strategy and Planning Session (Grades 8-10): 
All students can benefit from an early start to the college admissions process! At first, the idea of meeting with a college admissions consultant as a young teenager may seem overwhelming, or even silly. However, this type of meeting is actually one of the most valuable parts of the process. No, we are not putting together a college list in 8th, 9th, or even 10th grade. Instead, we are laying the groundwork for a successful and strategic high school experience. This 60 minute session will help families learn to maximize their student’s high school experience and make the right decisions from the outset. Typical discussion topics will include course selection, standardized test planning, summer experiences, extracurricular activities, and leadership positions, as well as the mitigation of mistakes that may have already occurred.
Fee: $350

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