Need some essay inspiration?

I just dug up this selection of successful college essays for a client and thought that they could be helpful to share with a greater audience!                

Johns Hopkins– there are several here, selected by the Johns Hopkins Office of Admission

Business Insider – this student was admitted into EVERY single Ivy League school, so he must have done something right with his essay!

Tufts – there are several here, selected by the Tufts Office of Admission

New York Times – these were entered as part of a competition, and all have to do with money in some way

Connecticut College – there are several here (the others are on the right side of the page), selected by the Connecticut College Office of Admission. However, I am not a huge fan of all of them. Take some with a grain of salt – what Connecticut College may be seeking is not necessarily what another school is seeking. I did like this one though!

Did you know that the Common Application essay topics for the 2016-2017 admissions cycle were released months ago? Time to get started!

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