Boot Camp

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The demand for our services is skyrocketing for a reason. In today’s world, the college admissions process is more competitive and more confusing than ever, and busy families simply do not have the time or expertise to guide their student through the process alone.

Unfortunately, the old saying “you get what you pay for” is true: private college counseling services with a true expert in the field are expensive. 

In an effort to provide families with a more affordable option that does not sacrifice expertise or effectiveness, we will be offering a second year of Application Boot Camps in 2017.

Will this be the right choice for every family? No. However, by blending small group work with individual assistance, students now have the opportunity to benefit from professional application help at a lower price point.

During a fifteen hour intensive Application Boot Camp, students will:

  • - Create a Common Application account
  • - Finish the entirety of the Common Application, making necessary changes during the proofreading process until it is perfect and ready for submission
  • - Work through multiple drafts of the writing process to complete a winning Common Application Personal Essay
  • - Create a polished resume that highlights strengths and background

What are the benefits to attending this program?

  • Professional application and essay editing from former admissions officers – most students have worked extremely hard throughout their high school years, and this is a very complicated process. It is so easy for well-meaning students to make simple application mistakes when tackling the process on their own, irreparably damaging their chances of admission.
  • Reducing the stress in the home environment – the college application process is full of stress and anxiety for parents and students alike. By handing the reins to professionals, parents can rest assured that the process is under control – with no nagging involved!
  • Achieving a running start on the admissions process before senior year is back in session – for many students, the first grades of senior year can make or break their chances of admission. College admissions officers routinely place holds on admissions decisions until verification of first quarter or trimester grades. In other words, students need to have their full focus on their academic work – meaning that college applications should be finished over the summer, well in advance. 

Where can students sign up?

  • Summer 2017 dates TBD – registration will begin in May. Please feel free to reach out with interest.